My book is here!

It's here! ♥ My blog book has arrived. Memories from an adventure of a lifetime, now in my bookshelf! I have already read it at least 5 times... And several members of my family want to have their own to read my story, too. :o) So cute!
Thank You to the great customer service at Blogg till bok, for helping me with the printing process. I can truly recommend them, if you want to turn your blog into a book as well!

My blog as a book!

Over 8 years have gone by since I started writing this blog during my exchange semester in Singapore. And now I decided to turn my blog into a book!
So what has happened since my adventure living in South East Asia? Christian and I have been together since we met on exchange in 2012. ♥
We live in a two story apartment in the countryside close to my family and near one of Swedens largest cities. In 2018 we adopted our beloved dog Ollie. ♥ We are now dreaming of buying our own home closer to the surrounding beaches in the next few years. And - In a few weeks we are expecting our first child!
2020 hit us in so many crazy ways, the world got struck by a pandemic and we got pregnant! Now it's 2021, I am 9 months along, on maternity leave and can't wait to meet my daughter. All while reliving my travel memories from my exchange semester in Singapore.
I am editing the whole blog, adding photos, polishing the content and making sure the layout fits the printing process. Going from blog to book, I can't wait to hold these memories of a lifetime in my hands. Life really is an adventure! ♥
No matter where you are at, life happens, so go live it! Sometimes you have to 'let go of illusions and develop a new vision for yourself'.
That quote really inspired me while living and blogging in Singapore during 2012. Thank you for joining me on my journey. I can't wait for the next chapter to begin. ♥ /Love, Jas

New Years Eve in Sweden

Time to say goodbye to 2012! How do you sum up a year that held the decision of focusing on yourself, the best 25th Birthday weekend with friends, fun, dating and my exchange semester adventure in Singapore? The year that brought time to grow and explore, but most of all, sent me my Christian? ♥ 
In 8 hours it is 2013! We had an early lunch today since my big sister and I will have a 3-course meal at the New Years Eve party our friends are hosting. Can't wait to see what 2013 has planned for us. On January 9th, the night of my mom's birthday, Christian is coming back from his month of travelling South East Asia with his family. We will finally be united, together in Sweden for the first time. I am grateful for all 2012 has been. Happy New Year! *Update: A memory snapshot from our NYE. ♥

Red lips and NYE party

Trying out red lips with the assistance of this bold red lipstick that I bought. Felt like trying something new in a 50's power woman in Mad Men sort or outfit and style. Love it! Have fun tonight at your NYE parties, people! 2012 has been amazing!

Travel, Singapore, Love & Sweden

I am back in Sweden. But before I go into Christmas mode with my family there is more to share. I completed my exchange semester at NUS in Singapore. I did all the end of the year exams and coursework. I received decent grades! And there was a lot of travel time before going home. I went to Cambodia, MalaysiaThailand and the Philippines.
I got back from the Philippines just hours before my flight left Singapore to take me back to Sweden. It was a stressful experience. :D At some point we ran through the airport in Manila, shoes in hand thinking we had missed the flight - which would result in me missing my flight home from Singapore. The horror! But we made it. :) We... ♥ I met my boyfriend Christian while we were on exchange at NUS in Singapore. The best gift life could have given me, on top of all the wonderful memories from my time abroad.
Time to say goodbye to Singapore, and friends from all over the world... I got to meet Christians family right after we got back from the Philippines and a few hours before flying out from Singapore. We went for a lovely dinner together and then I headed to the airport! They are going to travel for a month now, celebrating Christmas and New Years in different countries in South East Asia while I am going to spend the holidays at home with my family after my semester abroad.
Coming back to winter and Christmas in Sweden, after 31 degrees in Singapore. Mum and my sister picked me up with a yummy gift: Lussebullar! What a year it has been, I am grateful for this adventure. Merry Christmas! ♥ 

We went to the Philippines!

Christian and I booked a trip to explore the Philippines together at the end of our exchange semester. Another couple vacation. :) We visited Panglao (Bohol), Cebu, Boracay and Manila. We did not manage to dive with whale sharks on this trip, but had a great time, either way. Most of our days were spent close to the amazing ocean, swimming and enjoying the perfect vacation weather.
One day we went on exploring Panglao with a private driver, the best way to get around and see a lot at your own pace. We saw the magical Chocolate hills, went swimming in the Mag-Aso waterfalls and visited the famous, furry local called tarsier
We also rented a sailing boat to go snorkeling in the gorgeous water of Panglao. We even got to hold a blowfish, twice! The guide took a deep free-dive and showed it to us, what a moment!
After snorkeling, we stopped by Virgin Island and a sand strip in the ocean that only exists at low tide; a tiny perfect spot in the beautiful ocean. There was a friendly woman selling coconuts. Of course we supported the local business owner, it was too good too pass. Surreal and such a fun memory in paradise!
We had lots of food, yummy drinks, refreshing coconut water and smoothies. And romantic dinners with grilled fish, sourced nearby. We even tried the local blue marlin which was the special of the day at a restaurant, where we were sitting with our feet in the sand right by the water. Magic!
We also went to Cebu, exploring local cultural sights for a day. And then we headed on to Boracay, a paradise island with even more mesmerizing water than our previous island destination. We spent our days swimming and being a typical couple in love on vacation. ♥
By the way - One day we put on our beloved rain ponchos from a date at Singapore Zoo, because it was absolutely pouring with rain! One minute later, when we got down to the beach the sun was smiling again, and so was everyone seeing us in our rain ponchos on a perfect day :D
In the evenings we made sure to catch the amazing sunsets of Boracay, barefoot in the sand. I am grateful that we were able to enjoy these beautiful surroundings together. I had the best company as well, both Christian and the cute dogs living by the beach that enjoyed the sunsets together with us.
We somehow ended up having lots of mango, mango smoothies, cake and mango margaritas. We ate yummy mexican snacks and had dinner at the beach. We found both bubbly nutella and strawberry crepes and a cheesecake café walking along the beach at night. Perfect for a sweet tooth. :) 
After sunny days and relaxation at the end of our semester abroad, we had to pack our bags, it was time to leave Boracay. We made our way to our boat and flight and later arrived in the capital again.
In Manila, we stayed at Midas hotel, went shopping, saw the last Twilight movie and ordered huge steaks from room service. We were so tired and lounged in our hotel bathrobes and ate chocolate cake in bed. :) 
The next day we had to say goodbye to the Philippines to fly back to Singapore. And we almost missed our flight! We had to run through the airport after the security check, shoes in hand. :D But we made it! Thank you for all the memories, my love. Life with you is more fun! ♥

Thailand island hopping

We went to the beautiful island of Koh Lipe together for a couple getaway and then I went on travelling solo, island-hopping on Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta before heading to Phuket for a few relaxing days by the pool in my hillside hotel resort.
Koh Lipe - We had a lot of yummy food and healthy drinks, went swimming in the ocean, marveled at the amazing surroundings (look at that water!) and enjoyed being in love, spending time together on vacation. ♥
Koh Phi Phi - My solo island hopping started. During my days here I took a boat out and went snorkeling, visiting the monkeys and nearby beaches as well as staring up the gigantic limestone formations surrounding the area. Just having left Christian who went back to Singapore after our couples vacation was a bit tough and I remember feeling a bit lonely and not in a party mood like everyone else that came to this island. :) Yet, I still believe traveling on your own is good for you.
I went out to have dinner by myself right by the water and taking in the typical pyrotechnics show, that really set a comfy mood in the evening. I had yummy pizza and delicious tiramisu at an Italian-owned restaurant - in tropical Thailand! :) The Loy kratong lantern festival was on while I was on the island, and I sent a lantern into the ocean with lots of hope, love and wishes for the future. ♥
Koh Lanta - Next up I took a boat to Koh Lanta. I stayed at Time for Lime and took a thai cooking class, petted a lot of dogs and went to the dog shelter to support their operations. So much love, had I stayed longer I really would have loved to be a volunteer. They do amazing work! 
Phuket - My last stop in Thailand before heading back to Singapore a few days later. I visited the town on the first evening. After visiting several countries in the last few weeks, here I really felt the need to withdraw myself and spent the following days recharging, reading, eating yummy food and enjoying time on my own by the pool in my hillside resort. ♥

We went to Langkawi together!

After Cambodia, I flew to Kuala Lumpur and then to Langkawi to meet Christian. ♥ Such a lovely place. So happy about all of our adventures during this semester in Singapore. Our accomodation had a private beach for hotel guests, lucky us!
"Looks like Norrland!" - The area reminded someone of his home in northern Sweden. I do get some Swedish summer vibes from the pics below. :)
Langkawi has really beautiful sunsets and we were able to enjoy the nice view from our bungalow. We spent two days on Langkawi and caught a boat to Thailand after that. We had more to see, still.
Off to Thailand, first stop Koh Lipe

Cambodia II: Siem Reap & Angkor Wat

I went to visit Cambodia and this is part two of the journey. I took so many pictures so I had to split the trip up into two posts! :) First I went to beautiful Phnom Penh and now let's continue with Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. One morning it was time to leave the capital behind. I took a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap via the scenic countryside of Cambodia.
After a long busride with romantic Cambodian music videos on all screens as entertainment, we stopped at a market outside of the city. They had quite the selection, such as fried spiders and insects, but I decided to go for sliced mango instead ;) I finally arrived in Siem Reap, got into a cab and went to our hotel to meet up with my friends from Sweden.
I got a bright green room that gave me a lot of positive energy and a comfy bed, so I was more than satisfied with my room for the stay. After our reunion the boys and I went for a walk around the area to grasp our new surroundings for the days to come. We also tried fish spa! :D
Very early morning on the next day, it was time to get up and explore Angkor Wat! We left really early to be able to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat.
A pretty start of the day! Such a beautiful reflection in the water... Afterwards we had breakfast before taking in more of Angkor Wat and the rest of the area. So much to see in the whole 'village' of temples. I really liked Bayon with the serene stone faces and Ta Prohm (the Tomb Raider temple), with trees growing as if they had melted over the temple walls.
Back in Siem Reap we got massages again. Later it was time for dinner at Champey (one more frangipani flower-related experience in Cambodia). We had fried rice, served in pineapple boats and decorated with orchids and other yummy dishes. 
Afterwards we went to Pub street. The boys heard I had never had a "bucket", so they ordered a couple for us to share at Temple bar. I got a t-shirt with our order of buckets, saying "Khmer and proud of it". :D Such soft cotton though, def going to sleep in it from now on!
What an amazing trip. I have so many wonderful memories from Cambodia to bring back home with me. Next up, I got a flight to meet Christian in Malaysia! ♥

Cambodia I: Phnom Penh & Koh Dach

I went to Cambodia! First I went to beautiful Phnom Penh. I stayed in the city, ate the local Khmer curry and did day excursions. I travelled on my own to Cambodia as a solo female traveller and I was feeling very safe, even at the night market. Although I recommend taking a cab at night and not walking the city like I did (with my camera, hehe). I was still feeling safe but afterwards I realized it was a risk that was not worth taking anyways, just to be extra careful :) Glad I made this trip on my own still. 
Cambodia is wonderful and I would not have wanted to miss it while living in South East Asia. I arrived in the city and enjoyed a walk around the area.
I went to a book store and was simply soaking up the atmosphere, taking a few snapshots of what I saw. Later I found a driver that took me further around the city sightseeing some more.
Went and saw beautifully decorated temples, courtyards and took a few pictures in that beautiful sunlight... :)
I believe that these simply were everyday scenes of the city, but I enjoyed seeing them. :)
I also went to the market, which was fun. Flowers, fresh fruit, rice, some cute animals, friendly locals and various delicacies... I looked at all the stands, met the locals and bought a bunch of delicious mango and beautifully presented pineapples, all for a dollar or so. I got some change in Riel, the local currency. I love collecting a few coins and notes from all trips around the world. :)
After sunset the sightseeing trip turned into an evening tour of the city, everything decorated with scenic lights, from official buildings to an amusement park.
On the next day I went to Koh Dach, the Silk Island. My driver from the day before suggested it. I met him early in the morning to take a day trip exploring new surroundings outside of the city.
Aside from all the pretty views and friendly locals, there were beautiful animals and cute children everywhere.
One house had a pet monkey that was sitting on the dog, and hanging on his owners arm while he was carrying his grandchild. :)
I went to a monastery that had a favorite exotic flower of mine, the frangipani blooming in their courtyard. And I got to meet a real munk
(Want to hear a confession about my meeting with the munk? I made a foreign fool of myself, sitting on his mat (before he came out, luckily) instead of sitting on the tile floor... So embarassing, haha. You are welcome for the laughs, prospect munks that saw it all! :D)
In the evening I went to the Phnom Penh night market for a brief visit, but after a long day on Koh Dach I was looking forward to a good nights sleep. 
The next day it was time to leave the capital, I had friends to meet and more to see! :) So I took a bus to travel all the way to Siem Reap.

1 month & 9 days until Christmas

Orchard Road and Paragon here in Singapore are already decorated and ready for Christmas. The other week I soaked up the pre-Christmas atmosphere (in 31 degrees and humidity!) and bought some funny Christmas greeting cards.
Part of the scene has a theme, which is Xmas with an attitude, so there is a lot of non-traditional, but fun decor all over the street and shopping mall.

Blog design

Currently updating my blog layout...

Photo wallpaper

I have this interior idea. For my next apartment it would be fun to use one of my own photos as wallpaper for one of the walls. Maybe the one below? If that is not possible I can always gor for the safe bet and frame some of my photos and hang them on the wall instead ;)

What you do today is important

Some inspirational quotes and pictures I have saved.
"What you do today is important because you are exchanging a whole day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; and in its place will be something that you had left behind... let it be something good."
The wedding picture was taken by Jonas Peterson, who I have adored since he just got to Australia and wrote a blog about being mistaken for a rockstar due to his Swedish indie fashion style, buying 'duck art' drunk and writing wonderful words about life on St Kilda Road. ♥

Going out or staying in?

It's wednesday today and in Singapore that of course means Ladies Night. It has been too long... But I think I will stay in tonight. Since I am a quarter of a century old I can decide when I need to rest (or write more on a school project), even when there is a Double Birthday Bash and everyone will go to Butter Factory, a club I still have not been to... :o)
*Update: I went to congratulate the Birthday kids and socialized for a bit. Now I am enjoying being on my own back home at the penthouse.


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